Sunday bulletin

                FIRST LUTHERAN Church

                     Karlstad, Minnesota

                              9:30 A.M




Presider                                             Pastor Caitlin Jensen

Organist & Choir Director                            Kirstin Olson

Scripture Reader                                       Trevor Johnson                 

Greeters                                                  Mark & Jan Berg    

Communion Server                                          Jim Britten                                      

Acolytes                Braydn Swenson & Braxton Swenson

Ushers                     Corey Wikstrom & Jordan Wikstrom

Setting Three               Evangelical Lutheran Worship

Prelude and Announcements

Confession & Forgiveness                       pages  116-118    

Hymn:”Holy God, We Praise Your Name”             #414

Greeting & Kyrie                                      pages 138-139

Prayer of the Day  (page 33)                                   page 142

Canticle of Praise “This is the Feast”       pages 140-141

Choir:  Thy Will Be Done”    Solo:  Hailey Barth

                            ( by Joyce Eilers)

First Reading :Acts 3:12-19 

Psalm 4                                                                                                              

Second Reading: 1 John 3:1-7:


Gospel Acclamation “Alleluia”                         page 142       

Gospel: Luke 24:36b-48                                         


Hymn; “Children of the  Heavenly Father”             #781

Apostles’ Creed                                                 page 127

Prayers of Intercession

Sharing of the Peace


Offering Hymn “Create in Me a Clean Heart”       “186

Offertory Prayer

Great Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving at the Table V (page 65)              page 145

Canticle “Lamb of God”                                  page 146

Lord’s Prayer   (right column)                         page 145

COMMUNION                                                     #474

Prayer, Blessing, Dismissal                             page 146

Hymn:”O Savior, Precious Savior”                       #820                                                     























APRIL 15, 2018


Today:                10:30 WELCA Qrtly Mtg.

Tuesday:               9:00  WIC at First

                               6::00 LSS Meeting

Wednesday:         3:30 Confirmation 

                                       No Choir

Thursday:          10:15 Communion at KHC     

Next Sunday:       9:30 Worship at First

                             10:30 Sunday School




WELCA Conference One Spring Gathering will be held at First Lutheran on Saturday, April 28, 2018.  Registration is $15.00 which includes morning coffee and luncheon.  Please register early so we have a head count for lunch.

Speaker is Kathy Levenhagen and special music by Hailey Barth.


Our sympathy and prayers for the family of Lorraine Prosser who passed away on Tuesday.  Memorial service to be held at a later date.


We pray for  Beth Grandstrand, Brett Anderson, Jual Carlson, Pastor Eileen,  Bob & Carol Carlson, Arlen Anderson,  Greg Olson, Todd Carlson,  Eunice Larson,  Molly Dahlin, Mark Peterson,   Rodney Nelson



































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