Sunday bulletin

                FIRST LUTHERAN Church

                     Karlstad, Minnesota

                              9:30 A.M  


Presider                                             Pastor Caitlin Jensen

Organist                                                        Kathy Britten

Scripture Reader                                            Julie Wollin

Greeters                              Twilla Waage & June Minske

Acolytes                                                           Volunteers

Ushers                                   Josh Strozyk & Paul Wollin

Setting Three               Evangelical Lutheran Worship


Prelude and Announcements

Confession & Forgiveness                         pages 116-118

Hymn: “Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me”                       #623               

Greeting & Kyrie                                                page 138

Canticle of Praise “Glory to God”             pages 139-140                      

Prayer of the Day (page 44)                                page 142                  

First Reading: 1st Kings 19:4-6

Psalm34:1-8                                                                                              Second Reading:  Ephesians 4:25---5:2                      

Gospel Acclamation   “Alleluia”                             p 124

Gospel:  John 6:35, 41-51


Hymn: “O Living Bread from Heaven”                  #542                          Apostles' Creed                                                 page 127 

Prayers of intercession                             pages 127-128

Sharing of the Peace 


Offering Hymn: “Create in Me a Clean Heart”      #186

Lord’s Prayer (right column)                                      page 145

Benediction and Dismissal                               page 146

Hymn: “Jesus Shall Reign”                                    #434











AUGUST 12, 2018


Tuesday:          9:30 Text Study

                          7:00 First Council

Wednesday:   10:00 KHC Communion

                        11:00 Ministerium

Friday:             2:00 Bible Study at The Meadows

Next Sunday:  9:30 Communion at First



In both entries today  there are copies of school kit lists, baby care lists, and personal care kit lists.  Sales will be starting soon on school items so now is the time to purchase items for the kits.  You may drop off any items you have in the church.


Meals on wheels is looking for drivers to volunteer to deliver meals.  Drivers are needed for Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Please consider this worthwhile contribution.



We pray for Bonnie Loveness,  Jodi Spilde,   Brett Anderson,   Audella Stamnes, , Arlen Anderson,  Eunice Larson,   Mark Peterson,   Rodney Nelson




























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