While the practice of the First Eidsvold Lutheran Parish is to administer first holy communion after instruction in the fifth grade, the parish welcomes all baptized believers in Jesus Christ to the table who are admitted to communion in their home congregation whatever age that might be.

We welcome members of other congregations and denominations who accept the statements on holy communion in Luther's Small Catechism, specifically that Jesus Christ is truly present in, with, and under the bread and wine.

For a thorough look at our practices and beliefs read the ELCA's statement: The Use of the Means of Grace.

In fifth grade Sunday School students attend a special class with the pastor five Tuesdays in preparation for receiving holy communion for the first time on Reformation Sunday (the last Sunday in October). They come to a deeper understanding of Holy Communion through a video "Welcome to God's Table," a booklet "Come to God's Table," conversation with the pastor and with parents, and, at the last session, breadmaking

Receiving their first Holy Communion at Maundy Thursday services-

Danica Erickson, Jerilyn Pietruszewski, Ella Otterstetter & Makenzie Berggren