Sunday bulletin


Karlstad, MN

Presider Pastor Caitlin Jensen

Organist Kirstin Olson

Reader Trevor Johnson

Greeters Connie Nordin

Communion Server Gina Wollin

Acolytes Volunteers

Ushers Greg Olson and Joel Olson

Setting Three Evangelical Lutheran Worship

Prelude and Announcements

Confession and Forgiveness pages 116-118

Hymn: “Wash, O God, Our Sons and Daughters” #445

Greeting and Kyrie pages 138-139

Canticle of Praise “This is the Feast” pages 120-123

Prayer of the Day (page 42) page 142

Solo; Gayle Pearson

Exodus Proclamation ELW 459 “Wade in the Water”

Vs 1 & 2

Exodus Reading Exodus 14



Psalm462 (read responsively)


Hymn: ”A Mighty Fortress Is Out God” #504

Apostles’ Creed page 127

Prayers of Intercession Sharing of the Peace


Offering Response “Create in Me a Clean Heart” #186

Offertory Prayer

Communion; “We Who Once Were Dead” #495

Lord’s Prayer (right column) page 145

Prayer, After Communion

Benediction, Dismissal

Hymn: ”We Are Marching in the Light” #866



JU;Y 21,. 2019

Today: 10:45 WELCA Quarterly Meeting

Thursday: 3:30 Bible Study at Group Home

Friday: 2:00 Bible Study at The Meadows

Next Sunday: 9:30 Worship at First

Supply lists for school kits, personal care kits and layette kits are available in both entries. Items purchased for these kits may be left at First Lutheran.

Vacation Bible School will run from Sunday, July 28th thru Thursday, August 1st. Each day from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Please register your child early. There are registration forms in the office and in both entries. Turn your registrations into the office.

Our sympathy and prayers to the family of Valborg Torkelson whose funeral was Wednesdat at Frst.

We pray for: Carolyn “Kelly” Larson, Julie Cerkowniak, Tom Stallock, Ryker Wood-Davis, Debbie Klopp, Wayne Anderson, Dan Stacy, Zoey Curtis, Mary Kvanvig, Shirley Hausauer. Jason Swoll, Leanna Sandahl, Ericka Gruneberg, Jessica Wubbels, Michael Andersen, Mark Peterson, Rodney Nels