Sunday bulletin


MAY 26, 2019 \

Next Sumday: 9:30 Communion at First

Baptized today at First is Bekkem Elliot Englund, son of Jaron and Amanda Englund. Godparents are Josh Pietruszewski, Briena Englund and Allyson Halvorson.

Need an office chair? Inquire in the office.

Today we start the study of Exodus. Each Sunday a portion of Exodus will be read and studied. This will continue through September 1st. The only reading each Sunday will be a Psalm.

Today we dedicate the new office furniture made possible by a memorial from Perry Oien in remembrance o his wife, Avid. This will take place in the office after worship.

We pray for: Rhett Pearson, Shirley Hausauer. Jason Swoll, Leanne Sandahl, Ericka Gruneberg, Jessica Wubbels, Michael Andersen, Mark Peterson, Rodney Nelson


Karlstad, Minnesota

Presiders Pastor Caitlin Jensen

Organist Kirstin Olson

Scripture Reader Lori Hetrick

Greeters Charles, Jean, and Art

Acolytes volunteers

Ushers Shane Bothum & Beau Bothum

Setting Three Evangelical Lutheran Worship

Prelude and Announcements

Confession & Forgiveness pages 116-118

Hymn: ”O God, Why Are You Silent” #703

Greeting & Kyrie page 138-139

Canticle of Praise “ Glory to God” page 121-122

Prayer of the Day (page 34) page 124

Exodus Proclamation“Wade in the Water” #459

Vs. 1&2

Exodus Reading Exodus 1:8-2:10



Psalm 44 read responsively

Hymn: “When Our Song Says Peace” #709 Baptism page 227

Prayers of intercession pages 127-128

Sharing of the Peace


Offertory Response “Create in Me a Clean Heart” #186

Lord’s Prayer (right column) page 145

Benediction and Dismissal page 146

Hymn: Drawn to the Light” #593

Dedication of office furniture (in the office)