2014 graduates

Post date: May 7, 2014 6:59:48 PM

On Sunday, May 18, our parish youth will be honored and prayed for in anticiaption of their graduation from high school. They will wear their graduation gowns to the Sunday School program at 10:30, receive a quilt from the women (WELCA) and a gift from the youth group. At the dinner afterwards they will sit together at a specially decorated table. They will graduate from three area high schools: Heritage Christian School on May 18, Lancaster Public School on May 23, and seven of them from Tri-County School of Karlstad on June 1:

  • Kelli Amb

  • Laura Anderson

  • Addison Homstad (Heritage)

  • Blayne Davis (Lancaster)

  • Briena Englund

  • Josh "Pede" Hanson

  • Morgan Koland

  • Sarah Murray

  • Steele Spilde